Rules & Regulations:

  1. Hunting from vehicles, at watering holes and near the Private Lodge/Jaghuis is prohibited.
  2. Hunters must be accompanied by a tracker in the bush.
  3. Trackers can be consulted, but the responsibility lies with the person who pulls the trigger.
  4. Extreme caution must be taken to prevent bush fires.
  5. The safe handling of rifles is of the utmost importance.
  6. Hunters must ensure that firearms are correctly sighted.
  7. Nobody will be permitted in the bush before the above can be confirmed.
  8. Firearms smaller than 270 calibre are not recommended – ammunition must be soft point
  9. Shotguns, .22 and airguns are not allowed.
  10. Shooting or scaring of Birds is strictly prohibited.
  11. After three successive missed shots, the hunter must return to the shooting range.
  12. Animals in motion may not be shot at, only once it is clearly visible and standing in position for a true shot.
  13. Once an animal has been wounded, it must be tracked immediately.
  14. Wounded animals are to be paid for, in full.
  15. No alcohol to be given to trackers.
  16. Gratuities for trackers is optional and may only be given to the tracker on departure, via the owner.
  17. No dogs allowed.
  18. Damaging and removal of vegetation is strictly prohibited.
  19. No alcohol allowed in the bush.
  20. Capes and skins can be delivered to a taxidermist.
  21. Special arrangements to be made for hunting on Sundays.
  22. Pythons are a protected species and may not be disturbed.



* Own Risk:

Hunters and visitors to our game farm, do so at their own risk.The owners will not be held liable for accidents, injury or any form of damage incurred whatsoever, during the visit.



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