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Loodswaai Game Ranch – A Force of Nature

Nature lovers come and enjoy the four unique biospheres of Loodswaai Game Ranch.

While Springbuck graze on the rich Savannah plain, Zebra trot to one of many waterholes. Following the Eland, game viewers are drawn to the topographical divide formed by the impact of a meteorite millions of years ago. Rocky outcrops are the habitat of the nimble footed Klipspringer. Leopard are often spotted in this mountainous terrain.

Looking down from the escarpment, a lush bushveld tapestry of thorn trees and stalwart Tambotie sentinals unfolds. Nature lovers are enthralled by this vast vista. Down below, as the game drive vehicles meander with tortoise dexterity, elegant Giraffe are either topping thorn trees or playfully necking.

Loodswaai Game Ranch is a celebration of rich bio diversity where fauna and flora flourish in well-managed eco systems.

Don’t Loodswaai (colloquial for “Hang Ten”) too long before you come and explore this formidable Force of Nature.


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